Mental Traveler, Lifes An Equalizer, Ups Come With Downs So Be Prepared For Mediocrity But Don't Accept It


I’m distracted
my minds too compacted
I’m wondering what would happen if my life was just subtracted
Would it change the human race and it’s fate
Will it destroy the future that is set in place
I need to alleviate this weight on my shoulders
But if I do I’d have no right to call myself the solider
While I become older my mind withers down like a boulder
It’s scary how one day I could forget who’s my fates true holder
Just to remind myself it me
In theory I mean
There could be a god or a teen drunk at 16 
Life is do fragile that’s why one needs to keep agile but take in account that all souls start as docile
But only some turn to be hostile
I’m just one who speaks up for the ones that didn’t make it through trial

I’m loosing it

Disturbed state
I shiver and quake
Frustrated with fate
Myself me and I lay in wait
Shit am I making a huge mistake
Am I going through the wrong gate?
Why can’t I just be taken now
Shown how the universe truly stalks it’s pray (us) when it’s on it prowl
Why we must wear a towel
Cloths ourselves from the minority of ashamed people that huff puff and howl about how we must stay true to tradition but they can’t accept that we have grown intuition they don’t listen they just low brow our ideals and all the want us to do is eat up the lies like it’s a three course meal
while we loose our feel for what’s real and what they have made out of steel
The world needs to change and when it does it is going to have to be a big deal

All I want to do is wait
All I want to know is my fate
All I want to hold is your waist
I might be a waste of time but I hope you don’t mind
I understand it’s not yet my time but if you could help me get through this that would great but if not that’s fine
I’m still gunna shine still gunna be that refined mind that’s been through hell and didn’t come back just a shell
I’m gunna come out ringing that victory bell
The heavy weight contender with millions of story’s to tell
When I fall into that wishing well I hope I gain the power to tell if people truly want or they just need it for now
How could you be so fake?
How could I fall for your shape?
I should have know you weren’t a super heroin
You were missing your cape
Stop taping your eyes closed by the small things that “life” might impose
Expose your mind the universe
It’s Devine
It Doesn’t linger with the notion of time
It doesn’t cry
It just abides by the rules it set in place


Everything’s a memory with strings that tie to you In my drea…

As it clears I see you on the floor
Grasping for life
As I look at myself all I see is the car door
Last thing I remember is the joke you told me about that convenience store
I look back the tears you have, place fear
A fear that I haven’t felt for years
Sheer pain
The more I struggle the more it becomes in vain
I must be going insane
This can’t be it
I haven’t left my stain on the world
I haven’t loved enough yet
I wana hurl
It’s coming back to me
The corvette
It careened and hit your door
Flipped us
I saw my life
It was just ok
But that’s what scares me the most
It was ok


[New Music] Driving Ms. Daisy (feat. Childish Gambino) [prod. Logic] - Logic

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